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The Best Windshield Wipers Made in the USA

If you’ve got a car, congratulations, you also have windshield wiper blades. Not worthy of congratulations, however, is the requisite replacement of said blades which always seems to come around a little sooner than you expect. Streaky swipes, loud motion, and even a scratched windshield are all signs that you need to replace your wiper blades– and the sooner the better. We have compiled some outstanding options below to get your windshield dry and streak free, all 100% manufactured here at home in the USA.

TRICO Force High Performance Wiper Blade

Before trying them out, I’ll admit that no one at AtoZ had ever heard of TRICO blades. But their 4.5 star rating on Amazon is clearly not for nothing; these babies really do their job. Available for under $20 dollars per blade (and with Amazon running an extra $1 coupon on every TRICO blade), these wiper blades are midrange in price, but top shelf in performance. It doesn’t hurt that TRICO has legendary customer service, with one reviewer going as far as to say they fixed and a replaced a part of his wiper that he himself admitted he was responsible for. Made in America, outstanding quality, and top-notch customer service? Count us in, TRICO. You can get yours by visiting this link on Amazon, or in select automotive retailers throughout the country. Be sure you call ahead, as TRICO blades are much more widely available online than in-person.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you get the right size of wiper blade for your vehicle before purchasing. TRICO blades come in a variety like Neo-Form and Ice-Extreme for your specific climate (though we prefer the standard “Ultra”), and they’re all available in sizes between 18″ and 28″, meaning they’ll fit pretty much any vehicle imaginable. You can refer to this manual to determine the particular size needed for your car, and remember that the two wipers are often different sizes.


RainEater windshield wiper blades were born in the USA, created by Lance Thornton, who is also the president of RainEater. Made in Erie Pennsylvania—they are the product of research and engineering work that Thornton did during his time at Pennsylvania State University. They created the universal adapter, to allow easy affixing of the blades to 98% of vehicles on the road today. 

This product is also highly praised, and one of the best-rated aftermarket car products out there. They also provide a 30-day Trial Period, and a 100% money back guarantee, and shipping is free! They sell blades for nearly every make and model you can think of, and most of the wiper blade sets come in at about $45.00, you can also buy either passenger or driver side blades separately for $22.50. They have a nifty tool where you just put in your car’s make and model and then you just select the product after putting your information in.   

(NOTE: These prices are from a query we did for a 2016 Toyota Corolla from their “Buy Now” section in their site)

Everblades Heated Windshield Wiper Blades

Everblades are a heated wiper blade system available through the Everblade Website (the first install will run you $140.00, replacement blades are $55.00) that’s perfect for anyone living in places with heavy winters, or for people who don’t like to scrape ice off their windshield. That makes these—granted—not for everyone. They’re perfect for ice road truckers, or snow-plows, plow trucks busses, tractors, semi-trucks, etc. theoretically you could get them installed on your personal vehicle as well, they have great customer service so check that out too.

They have been making these heated blades in Everblade’s Upper Michigan plant since 1986 according to their blog. This is a bit more of a specialty product, but the heating element turns on and off and the silicone blades work wonderfully in any weather, ice or rain, or whatever else you might find on your windshield. The heating element is rated to -40° F, so if you don’t feel like scraping your windshield and losing a hand to frostbite, these are a great alternative.

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  1. I’m happy to find out Trico still makes some wipers in USA and will buy them for my Chevy Cruze (Lordstown, Ohio built). I am very surprised by the statement in the write up above, “I’ll admit that no one at AtoZ had ever heard of TRICO blades.” TRICO is the American company that INVENTED the wiper blade in 1917. From their website: “First mass produced, commercially available wiper blade [in 1917].” It’s the brand of wipers that was OEM on most American cars in the 50s to 80s. Unfortunately, Trico closed their plant in NY in the early 2000s and shifted production to Mexico. That’s why I was so happy to find on AtoZ that they are again making wipers in the USA!

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