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Best American Made Luggage

Couple walking with rolling luggage

You’re running late to board your flight. You’re in a city you don’t know, also, you’re in an airport you’ve never been in. You thought you were taking the train to terminal A, but you’ve found yourself in Terminal S. You’re racing to get back on the right train to make it to A57 and then it happens.

The wheel on your overstuffed carry-on breaks, it flips over. The handle snaps off and goes careening off, sliding along the ground and into a pole.

The shoddy zippers bust open at their seams and your precious clothing, shoes, and toiletries go sliding off to every corner of the crowded concourse. It’s happened to everyone. Okay, maybe not everyone, but let’s face it: your luggage takes a beating, especially if you travel a lot.

So, investing in something worthwhile—made in America—by a company known for quality and durability is never a bad idea. Here, you’ll find some of our favorite luggage brands all manufactured and produced right here in the United States of America by skilled tradesmen and craftspeople.  

We’ve broken down our favorite products by categories:

Luggage TypeBrand & Bag
Hard Shell RollerRoam – The Carry-on ($550) The Large Check-in ($650)
Soft Shell Rugged RollerTough Traveller – Samoyed ($525) Clipper ($395)
Soft Shell Rugged DuffelTuff Bag – Original Rugged Duffel ($295)
Leather DuffelJ.W. Hulme – Classic Duffel Large ($1,295)
Classic Canvas DuffelFilson Co. – Large Rugged Twill Duffel ($650)
WaterproofFlowfold – Conductor Duffel ($97.95)
BackpackAlchemy Goods – Green Guru 24L Backpack ($100)
Ladies RollerCinda B – B Lux Rolling Duffel ($199)
Luggage categories and our picks

Let’s get into a little more depth with each selection.

Hard Shell Rolling Luggage:


Roam Luggage Olive and White Suitcase

The Carry-On ($550) to the Large Check-In ($650) 

Roam is luggage with buzz. Having been featured on CNN and countless glowing blog reviews. One of the founders of TUMI decided to create attractively styled, exceptionally durable hard shell rolling luggage that fit their own vision of what luggage could, and should be. These luggage pieces are fully customizable and assembled by hand in their U.S. factory, shipped in as little as one day. 

These pieces, ranging from carry-on size to check-in will not only last a lifetime, will quickly become your go-to suitcase for travel of any kind. They are certainly stylish and bold enough to make a statement while away on business. They are also available in a wide array of fun colors, as a result, they’ll be perfect for the pleasure cruise as well.

What We Love: 

  • Customizable color pallets fit any style
  • Rugged hard-shell construction and durable wheels
  • TSA-friendly locks stylishly built into the shell
  • Size selection is easy, split between carry-on and checked
  • Lifetime Warranty

Soft Shell Rolling Luggage:

Tough Traveler

Samoyed Wheeled Suitcase Burgundy

SAMOYED Wheeled Suitcase ($525) 

Clipper Wheeled Carry-on Black

CLIPPER Wheeled Carry-On ($395)

Tough Traveler is a Schenectady, NY based luggage and baggage manufacturer making high-quality, lightweight, and durable luggage since 1970. Sometimes soft-shell luggage can feel like it’s barely holding on, and on the verge of breaking if you twist the handle just right, but not these bags. Tough Traveler has an outstanding track-record and industry reputation, and as a result their luggage has been carried in retailers like REI, EMS, and L.L. Bean.

As a matter of fact, their rugged bags have also made high-profile ascents of Mt. Everest, so you don’t need to worry about their products giving out on you in the crucial moments. Their timeless, effortlessly styled large format Samoyed wheeled suitcase is an excellent choice. Another classic is the Clipper wheeled carry-on. Both are comparatively great options for those that prefer a lighter piece of low-profile luggage that doesn’t skimp on durability in the slightest. 

What We Love:

  • Heavy Duty Tough Traveler “Cordura” material is extraordinary durable
  • Made by hand in a small operation in Schenectady, NY
  • Heavy-duty Handle and wheels last a lifetime
  • Minimalistic styling is timeless, ensuring these bags look good for as long as they last

Rugged Duffel:

Tuff Bag

Original Tuff Bag Red

Classic Rugged Duffel (Original) $295

Tuff Bag, started in 1980 with the express purpose of creating a bag tough enough to withstand railroad work. Working out of a small manufacturing operation in Utah, TuffBag is a true American success story. These bags are out of the need for durability and quality craftsmanship American manufacturing has become synonymous with. 

The original TuffBag highlighted here is made out of 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura which is incredibly durable. Every detail is built to withstand the harshest treatment, from zippers, metal pieces, and nylon webbing. The original TuffBag duffel is triple stitched to provide even more strength.

Bags are water resistant and treated with a resistant coating so no need to worry about inclement weather. Another cool feature of the site is that if you use your bag for work on the railroad or another industry, they can be written off as a work expense.

All bags are machine washable and made completely in Utah, meaning your purchase will be supporting an American company and the American families that make them.

What We Love:

  • Small family-run operation in Utah
  • Cordura fabric and durable details means these bags are ready for anything
  • Working class roots
  • Minimalistic styling means these bags will go with anything
  • Lifetime warranty

Leather Duffel:

J.W. Hulme

J.W. Hulme Classic Leather Duffel

Classic Duffel Large ($1,295) 

Here come the heavy-hitters, the industry leaders that have made meticulously crafted All-American bags for generations. J.W. Hulme has been crafting beautiful, classically inspired leather goods and luggage since 1905. Utilizing USA leather and crafting pieces in Minneapolis, J.W. Hulme represents a company leading the vanguard of Minnesota based soft-goods alongside companies like Frost River, and Duluth Pack.

Having been on the brink of total collapse they were acquired in 2008 and have been instrumental in increasing the visibility and conversation around hand-made small brand leather goods made in the USA. Though they shuttered their in-house production team, and outsourced some product lines to a sister company in Minneapolis, we still think that they represent an important story in local manufacturing.

From the exceptional products they put on the shelf, their commitment to quality, and to their obsession with finding the best USA leather with which to craft their bags. The products speak for themselves.

What We Love:

  •  Classic style will never go out of fashion
  • Attention to detail is evident in everything they produce
  • A quality bag that will catch everyone’s eye

Classic Twill Duffel:


Classic Twill Duffel Filson

Large Rugged Twill Duffel ($650)

Filson might have been “Equipping the Bold” for 125 years, but their gorgeous styling has never been more relevant. The clean aesthetic of their products, and the durable, high-quality materials make for a satisfying product you’ll want to use even when you’re not traveling. 

Manufactured and assembled in-house in Seattle, these legendary duffel bags are everything a fan of American made goods could ask for. You can feel the history and expertise behind this storied brand when you pick up their bags; something about it just feels right. Generally known for their waxed canvas, this bag is made out of rugged twill and is highly resistant to abrasion so this piece will last a lifetime. Bridle leather handles and accents are built to last as well.

What We Love:

  • A true pacific northwest classic, Filson’s goods carry with them a truly American story
  • Rugged and durable materials manufactured and assembled in-house
  • Leather is treated and tanned on-site with natural solutions
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Celebrate 125 years of Filson with a new duffel!

Waterproof Duffel:


Flowfold Waterproof Conductor Duffel Black

Conductor Duffel ($97.95)

Founded in 2010 in Maine by Charles Friedman, Flowfold was inspired by his introduction to sailcloth and industrial sewing machines. This coupling led him to a love of innovative textiles. According to them, their guiding principles are to use only sustainable and durable materials, to make everything with quality craftsmanship, and to do it all in the USA. Sounds like a win to us.

Their bags offer a stylish, modern, and clean look, and could be fit in on a business trip, or a trip to the wilderness. Products have been featured on Buzzfeed, The New York Times Wirecutter, Outside Magazine, and uncrate.

The Conductor Duffel is lightweight, weather resistant, and ready to withstand the wear and tear that comes with even the most grueling travel itineraries. It’s also the most affordable bag on the list, and fits in along with many other affordable options on their page below $100. Might as well get two, or three…

What We Love:

  • A commitment to sustainability that won’t break the bank
  • Modern multi-purpose styling
  • Wide variety of colorways
  • Innovative materials crafted in-house in the USA


Alchemy Goods

Alchemy Goods Green Guru 24 L Backpack Black

Green Guru 24L Commuter Roll Top Backpack ($100)

This rolltop commuter bag is a bit of a different entry in this list. But, sometimes you’re only gone for a day or two, and why not try to fit everything in one bag? It certainly makes things easier, and avoids that, “On no, what did I leave on the plane?” feeling that’s all too familiar when traveling. It’s also different because it’s made with upcycled bicycle inner tubes and durable nylon, all manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Alchemy Goods is a small, passionate brand working out of Seattle, Washington. They provide modern, exciting styling for budget prices. And a major upside (excuse the pun) of their operation is having upcycled over 500,000 inner tubes. These tubes were all reclaimed from bike shops across the country. They are even partnered with REI in this venture, so keeping it local runs deep for Alchemy Goods. Good on them.

What We Love: 

  • Upcycled materials fit into the aesthetic of the bag perfectly
  • Lightweight design doesn’t sacrifice durability
  • Expressive and attractive colorways
  • Clean, modern design

Ladies Soft Shell Rolling Luggage:

Cinda B

Cinda B B Lux Rolling duffel black

B Lux Rolling Duffel ($199)

Sometimes you want to be fancy, and while every piece of luggage, including this one, would work for anyone, Cinda B caters to the professional woman in particular. The B Lux Rolling duffel is a beautifully designed soft shell roller made with premium materials 100% right here in the USA. 

We’re drawn to Cinda B because crafting handbags and luggage was just as important as crafting American Jobs, as they say on their site. Born out of the financial crisis in 2009, Cinda Boomershine started her Atlanta-based company when she saw an opportunity to help her community.

She quickly grew her brand to employ over 1100 people at a dire time for local businesses in this country. When a dedication to American jobs runs that deep, how could we not include Cinda B in this list. 

What We Love:

  • Fashion forward
  • Quality American-made goods
  • A dedication to providing American jobs
  • All products made 100% in the USA


From the research put into this article American-made luggage is in no short supply. It seems as though people are really putting a premium on quality when they look to buy luggage. The entries on this list are no exception, putting durability among the most important features in the bags selected.

Hopefully this is a sign of changing tides in consumer behavior, and we can get away from fast, cheaply made bags that fall apart after one trip. There are plenty of great American-made options out there that didn’t make it onto this list, but we feel as though we covered a lot of the bases and included a number of legendary bags in the process.

Safe travels, and may your bags be sturdy and eye-catching!

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